Ways a Country Club Can Get New Members

Nowadays, parents are prioritizing family time. In fact, when they go to a country club, the prefer to bring their kids with them. It has become the norm for both parents to be working and so they often share more equally the responsibilities of raising their children. They tend to look for activities that the whole family can do together.

The following are some of the family-oriented activities and amenities you can find in a modern country club:

1. They have activities for families.

You’ll definitely find a handful of events and activities that can cater to all ages. Depending on the time of year, there may be a costume party for the Halloween or a summer program for families like baking classes or sports events. During busy holidays such as Christmas there may also be a buffet lunch or dinner so that parents don’t have to worry about preparing a good meal after a full day of shopping for gifts.

2. They make health and wellness a priority.

Many clubs these days have yoga classes for adults and/or kids on weekends. If you’re looking to have a filling yet healthy meal their menus are also now more health-conscious and are veering away from fatty foods.

3. They offer trial memberships.

The one thing that people seem to have a lot of these days is options. You’ll find lots of golf courses, country clubs and resorts these days which is why they are offering trial memberships so you can experience what they have to offer without asking for full commitment. Take advantage of it before making a decision to join or not.

Benefits of Joining a Family-Centric Country Club

Still on the fence about whether or not to join a country club? Here are reasons why you should give it a go:

1. It can help you grow your social network.

If you want to meet with like-minded individuals, a country club is definitely the place to go. It’s a safe environment for families that will enable you to make new friends and enjoy a laid-back environment for you and your kids.

2. It offers fun and entertainment for the whole family.

A good country club has activities and facilities designed to suit every family member. You’ll have pool for the kids, as well as tennis clinics and golf programs. There are restaurants offering excellent food choices for the adults. There are also game rooms and movie rooms to cater to all.

3. It ensures you always have something to do.

If you have a passion for golf, you can play a round of golf with your kids. Other options such as swimming and tennis lessons are also available in most clubs. Plus calendars are always filled with events like cocktail parties, celebrations like Easter Egg Hunts and New Year’s Eve parties, along with summer camps and dinner events. There’s always something for everyone all year round.

These days, a country club membership doesn’t only benefit adults. It’s something that kids can also make the most of. Clubs like the Monterey Peninsula and Sherwood Country Clubs are ideal places for some rest and relaxation for the whole family.

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