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The Shinnecock Hills Golf Club holds to the concept of secrecy to an extreme degree, so let’s start this report with the fact that no one (outside the members themselves) really knows anything about its initiation fees and club dues. There haven’t been even rumors about it, very little is even known about the members. 

Below is the latest Shinnecock Hills Golf Club prices.

Membership Costs

You have to be invited to be a member, and it’s hard to make calls about being invited when no one’s admitting to being a member. That’s par for the course (pardon the pun) for the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, which is among the list of the most expensive and most exclusive golf clubs in the world, as compiled by

What is established fact, however, is that it is possible for non-members to play here. You just need a member to admit that they’re a member, and you can play if they invite you as their guest. 

At least the green fee is only $350, which is more than reasonable. Even some public courses charge higher green fees. 

Also, you’re required to hire a caddie, as you’re also required to walk the course on your own. 

It’s Old

Founded in 1891, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is recognized as the oldest incorporated golf club in the US. It’s a founding member of the US Golf Association. It also has the oldest golf clubhouse, as it was built right after in 1892. 

Despite its age, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club isn’t part of that antiquated tradition of discriminating against women. In fact, it was the first golf club in the US to admit female members. This wasn’t a recent development either. They’ve been accepting women as members right from its founding. 

In 1891, that’s downright revolutionary. The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, granting American women the right to vote, was only ratified in 1920. 

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club and the US Open

The Shinnecock Hills Golf Club has hosted 5 US Open tourneys. It hosted the 2nd US Open, which was held in 1896. The 1896 US Open was also notable for the participation of John Shippen, who was black and a professional. Many historians even consider Shippen as the first golf professional to be born int the US. The US Open was also held at the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in 1986, 1995, 2004, and 2018. It will host the US Open for the 6th time in 2026. As Golf Digest regards the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club as the 4th greatest golf course in the US, maybe that’s to be expected.

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