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The Cypress Point Golf Club is located at 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, California (CA) 93953, USA.

History (Year Opened)

The Cypress Point Golf Club was opened on August 11, 1928 by three individuals: Byrington Ford, Roger Lapham, and Marion Hollins.

The course architect was Alister MacKenzie together with Robert Hunter.

The course was voted second in the list of the best 100 international golf courses, according to Golf Magazine’s 2011 issue

Cypress Point Golf Club has hosted several events in the past like being part of the PGA Tour of the multi-course AT&T Pebble Beach Pro. Unfortunately, the Cypress Point Golf Club was dropped due to lack of racial diversity.

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Membership to Cypress Point Golf Club is invite-only. Currently, the club controls the maximum number of members at any given time, and there are 250+ members with 30 of them being local or residents near the area. 

Members are encouraged to have their own caddies when playing, and some players are encouraging new golfers to trust their caddies when it comes to exploring the course.

Green Fee (Base Fee)

Public or Private?

Cypress Point Golf Club is a private community.


There are caddies on the course upon request. According to guests who have played in Cypress Point Golf Club, there are club rentals (the usual), a pro shop (or merch shop), vending machines for snacks and drinks, locker rooms, and lounging rooms.

Difficulty Rating

The Cypress Point Golf Club course has a difficulty rating of 73.1.

The golf course front nine opens near the  vicinity of the Del Monte Forest, with the back nine and finishing holes near the rocky terrain close to the beach.

One of the iconic holes in the Cypress Point Golf Club is hole number 16 which requires a driver to shoot over a large body of water, requiring at least 210 meters of distance to get to the greens.

Difficulty varies depending on the tees: for Championship tees, the rating is 73.1 with a total yardage of 6552, compared to the regular rating of 72.1 with 6249 yardage.

For the red tees, there’s a total yardage of 5816 although no difficulty rating has been given.

Contact Number

Cypress Point Golf Club can be reached at +1 831 624 6444.


The golf club has no website.