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Adios Golf Club is located at  7740 NW 39th Ave, Coconut Creek, Florida 33073 in Broward County. South of the club is Coconut Creek Apartments, and to the east,Hillsboro Ranches. The whole golf course is circumscribed by quiet, residential areas perfect for every backswing.

History (Year Opened)

The golf club was opened in 1982. The course was designed by architect, Arnold Palmer, with Ed Seay, the former being one of the sixteen founders of the golf club.

Below is the latest Adios Golf Club prices.


Green Base

Base Fee (new players)$125.00

Monthly Membership

Monthly Fee$5,375.00


Currently, information on the exact amount of the membership is limited, but according to another source, the yearly membership is at $60,000 with an additional $4500. That translates to a monthly price of $5375.00.

Even if you did have the money, gaining entry into this exclusive golf club is by invite only.

Green Fee (Base Fee)

New players have to pay $125 to be on the green. They used to allow playing rounds on the weekends for the same green fee, but the website doesn’t indicate the updated prices.

Public or Private?

This golf course is private, membership is required. Adios Golf Club is an all-male club, and is one of the only two all-male sporting clubs in Florida. When asked to comment about why it’s an all-male club, golf club manager Arthur says that he would be “out of a job” if he says the wrong thing. Other members of the club also refused to comment.


The golf course is open Mondays to Fridays 9AM to 5PM. They’re closed on the weekends.

All fairways and greens are of bermuda grass, which is common in tropical and subtropical places, in this case Florida. The golf prohibits members from wearing spikes to help minimize damage to the greens, (and probably reduce maintenance costs as well).

Members can rent out clubs and carts. All clubs included: drivers, irons, wedges, and putters.

Difficulty Rating

The golf course has a slope rating of 141, and a 74.3 USGA rating. Beginners will be disappointed to find that there are red or green tees. The golf course allows for black, white, blue, and gold tees. The yardage for white tees are at 5750, with a 69.6 USGA rating.

Contact Number

Adios Golf Club can be reached at (954) 574-1440 or at (954) 429-0990. Updated number on their social media pages: +1 954-574-1456.


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