California Golf Club of San Francisco Membership Cost

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The California Golf Club of San Francisco is located in 844 West Orange Avenue

South San Francisco, Ca 94080v

History (Year Opened)

Also known as Cal Club, the California Golf Club of San Francisco started in 1918. Prior to its current location, the club was open in southwest San Francisco in Ingleside.

The land on which it stands used to be a farm and it was leased by a water company. The land was redesigned as a golf club on May 26, 1926. It also underwent restoration in 2007 to 2008 by Kyle Phillips.

The California Golf Club of San Francisco has an extensive history, with several people redesigning the golf course and the land across several points in time. The most recent renovations done to it was during April 2007 which saw completion until July 2008.

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Members are required to wear attire specific to the policies implemented by California Golf Club. This includes wearing appropriate golf attire (absolutely no denims or jeans).

Guests are expected to follow the same level of policies as the members. They will be wearing the same attire, charges will be deducted from the host member’s account, and privileges such as caddies will be given upon request.

Green Fee (Base Fee)

Green fees and all other fees are charged directly to the member’s account (no cash or credit card required).

Public or Private?

California golf club is a private community club.


Facilities for California Golf Club include a driving range, and members can make use of caddies upon requesting them from the management.

The golf course uses fescue grass for its greens and fairways. Some parts of the fairways have colontal bentgrass, with A1/A4 on greens. Several water hazards, trees, and rolling slopes make the course a little bit challenging for players.

Difficulty Rating

The California Golf Club of San Francisco has a slope rating of 74.7, and slope ratings differ depending on the area. For example, forwards tees have a slope rating of 66.2/120, while back tees have 72.7/131 rating.

Kyle Philllip is partly responsible for the terrain’s difficulty. He achieved this by clearing trees and implementing new hole locations on the course. The practice range also now has a par-4 to help golfers come up with creative ways on how to score better.

Contact Number

+1 650-588-9021