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This is a private golf club located in Juno Beach, Florida. When the Seminole Golf Club hosted a charity skins game hosted by Golf Channel in 2020, it marked the first time that this private club ever hosted a televised even in its history. 

Before this event, the Seminole Golf Club was so secretive that very few photographs had even surfaced showing the place. 


So private is the Seminole Golf Club that there are no reports regarding the initiation fees and the annual dues. It’s a highly-guarded secret. 

You can bet that it’s going to be expensive, especially as its members include many of the elites in the financial sector, along with other notable and influential members of society. That’s to be expected, since it was founded way back in 1929 by an investment banker. 

Forbes lists the Seminole Golf Club as the 10th Most Exclusive Golf and Country Club in America. Golf Digest also lists this the 11th in its biennial 2021-2022 list of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses. 

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Here’s another nugget that illustrates the almost absurd exclusivity of the Seminole Golf Club: the members had the temerity to reject the great golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. 

But who were lucky enough to get in? Membership is limited to only 300 members, but past and present members include:

  • Joseph P. Kennedy
  • Henry Ford II
  • Jack Chrysler
  • Paul Mellon
  • Phillip Armour
  • John Pillsbury
  • Robert Vanderbilt
  • The Duke of Windsor (also known as the King Who Abdicated)
  • Ben Hogan (who practiced here for the Masters)
  • Pete Dye
  • Rees Jones
  • Tom Brady (who joined when he transferred to the Bucs)
  • Michael Bloomberg (former New York City mayor)
  • Seth Waugh (CEO of PGA of America)
  • Gerry McIlroy (father of Rory)
  • Pete Bevacqua (President of NBC Sports)
  • Rob Manfred (the commissioner of Major League Baseball)
  • Mike Davis (chief executive of the United States Golf Association for 30 years)
  • Mark Loomis (executive producer of FOX’s golf coverage)

Presidents such as Gerald Ford and JFK played a lot here, while Dwight D. Eisenhower was an honorary member. 

Golf Course Quality

This was designed by Donald Ross back in 1929, and the rectangular site offers a rather clever challenge. The routing was set so that for each hole, players some encounter a new wind direction. 

The rolling greens here were also designed to somehow mimic the waters of the Atlantic Ocean that sits besides it.

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