Pebble Beach Membership Cost

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Located on the rugged coastline of Pebble Beach, California, the Pebble Beach Golf Links has always been widely considered among the most gorgeous golf courses in the entire world. It’s famous not just among golfers and golf fans, but also among golf video game players, as this fabled golf course has been part of the trailblazing Links golf video games and also the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game series. 

The PGA Tour plays yearly events here, and Pebble Beach has also hosted 6 US Championships along with a PGA Championship. Yet it’s not a snooty private membership club. It’s actually a public course. But it’s so good that it was the first public golf course to be chosen by Golf Digest as the number one golf course in the US. 

Golf Rates

You get special booking privileges if you’re a guest, and you can book up to 18 months in advance. If you’re not a guest, you can only book 24 hours in advance. Good luck on finding an open time, though. As you may have guessed, a lot of people want to play here. 

The fees include:

  • Resort Guest. $575
  • Non-Resort Guest. $575 + $45 pp cart fee
  • Caddie Fee. $95 per bag 
  • Single Caddie Fee. $145 
  • Forecaddie. $47.50 pp/3 player min


You’re better off if you’re a guest here, and The Lodge at Pebble Beach offers 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom suites. 

Rooms1 BDR2 BDR
Garden View$990
Fairway One Garden View$1,040
Fairway View$1,080
Partial Ocean View$1,180
Fairway One Partial Ocean View$1,260
Garden Spa$1,280
Fairway One Cottage Room$1,300
Ocean View$1,390
Deluxe Ocean View$1,500
Ocean Studio$1,680$3,010
Fremont Suite$2,700$3,980
Alvarado Suite$2,900$4,290
Main Building Suite$3,000$4,390
Colton Suite$3,200
Vizcaino Suite$3,800
Sloat Suite$5,000
Fairway One 1-Bedroom Cottage Suite$3,500
Fairway One 2-Bedroom Cottage Suite$4,850
Fairway One 3-Bedroom Cottage Suite$6,200
Fairway One 4-Bedroom Cottage Suite$7,550

Additional fees include a 10.5% occupancy tax, a $2 Monterey County tourism assessment, a 0.195% California tourism assessment and a service charge of $25. For spa services, a service charge of 20% will be assessed.

If you’re staying during the weekend, you’re required to stay for at least 2 nights. Request your golf tee times when you book your room. Each room is limited to just 2 guests. You may play multiple rounds of golf, but you will have to ask about the minimum stay requirements. 

For more information about Pebble Beach, visit their wiki official website.