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Baltusrol Golf Club is located at 201 Shunpike Rd, Springfield, NJ 07081-2160, USA.

History (Year Opened)

The Baltusrol Golf Club was opened in 1895 by Louis Keller. It was initially used as a city retreat by Keller and his acquaintances. The rise in popularity of golf during the 1890’s urged Keller to transform the land into a golf course.

The design of the Baltusrol Golf Course was made possible with the mind of A.W. Tillinghast, who has also made other golf courses.

The Baltusrol Golf Club was used to hold 7 US Opens, 4 US Amateurs, 2 PGA Championships, 2 US Women’s Opens, and 2 US Women’s Amateurs.

Below is the latest Baltusrol Membership prices.



Green Fee (estimated)$125.00

Registration Fees

Baltusrol Golf Club $150,000

Annual Membership

Annual Dues$18,500


The cost to become a member of Baltusrol Golf Club is $150,000. On top is an additional $18,500 annual dues. That translates to about 14,000 every month.

Members and guests are expected to follow a dress code. “Acceptable” attire as indicated on their website include jackets for men after 6 in the evening, no revealing attire, and strictly no denims or jeans. The general approach to attire should be formal over casual.

For women, shorts or slacks, golf skirts and dresses, and especially collared shirts are required on the premises. For more specific information on what to wear, visit this site.

Green Fee (Base Fee)

The green fee for Baltusrol Golf Club is $125.

Public or Private?

Baltusrol Golf Club is private. Membership is by invite only. Guests can be accommodated as long as there are members with them.


The golf course at Baltusrol Golf Club is an 18-hole upper course. It was originally a 9-hole course, although modifications were made later on. The Baltusrol Golf Club has an upper and lower course, with the upper course being the more difficult one. This makes the Baltusrol Golf Course a 36-hole course.

The facilities are being managed by current club manager Kevin Vitale, and the director of golf is managed by Ryan Fountaine.

Difficulty Rating

The difficulty rating of Baltusrol Golf Course varies depending on the tees. For the black tees, it’s rated at 74.2 with a yardage of 6975. The white tees are at a 71.6 rating with a yardage of 6469, and for the red tees, they’re rated at 74.8 with a yardage of 5895.

Contact Number

(973) 376-1900


[email protected]