Mayacama Golf Club Membership Cost

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The Mayacama Golf Club is arguably the most exclusive golf club in Sonoma County, California, but it can afford to be. It boasts of a 675-acre golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus himself. It may be fairly new, since it opened relatively recently back in 2001, but it has consistently been ranked every year among the top 100 golf courses in the world. 

Below is the latest Mayacama Golf Club prices.


There is no explicit information regarding the cost of membership, but you can apply for it. Perhaps you can then get the needed information. However, some reports state that the initiation fees start at $85,000. 

These reports also say that a Mayacama Private Residence Club Membership comes with a fractional ownership interest (1/10), along with 28 nights guaranteed in one of the 3-bedroom villas/residences or the 10 one-bedroom casitas on property. Unlimited stays are also possible, although this depends on the availability of the residences. It may cost up to about $2.9 million to become a member, and to be an outright owner of one of the villas. 

Previous reports (dated 2012) stated that club memberships can cost $135,000. That was even considered a bargain at the time, since at one point a club membership cost as much as $250,000. 

The 1/10 interest in the residences costs $350,000, which gave owners 3 weeks of access a year. A 1/5 interest was also available at the time, which came with 6 weeks of access a year. This cost $595,000. 

Types of Memberships

Today, the golf and social memberships are still available, but only by invitation. There are 4 types of memberships available:

  • Charter Membership. This offers full membership with unlimited golf play. It is available to candidates with a residence within 150 miles of the Club. 
  • National Membership. This is also full membership with unlimited golf. However, it is available to candidates with a residence outside of the 150-mile radius of the Club. 
  • Social Membership. This comes with full clubhouse membership privileges, but with limited golf privileges. 
  • Vintner Membership. This is subject to review and acceptance by the Mayacama Vintner Committee. The candidate winemaker must produce wine in Napa or Sonoma and have Parker ratings 92 or above.

Junior Golf Program

This is offered by invitation only, and only available to juniors from ages 12 to 18 years old. The available memberships are limited, but they do offer access to one of the Top 100 golf courses in the entire world.

For more information about Mayacama Golf Club, visit their official website.