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There’s actually not much that we know about the Los Angeles Country Club, as even its website is sparse with its provided information. It does have an extensive section regarding rules (especially attire), but several rules exemplify its very private nature:

  • Dissemination through social media of personal photographs or videos identifying The Los Angeles Country Club is not permitted.
  • Any written references to The Los Angeles Country Club, its members, activities, and practices that are or might become accessible by the public is not permitted (e.g., hash tags, comments, posts, location check-ins, etc.).
  • Members and guests of the Club may not discuss the Club’s membership, events, policies, rules, by-laws or activities using social or professional media platforms.

Below is the latest Los Angeles Country Club prices.

Membership Costs

There’s no mention of the costs on the website, but according to Golf Digest the entry fee for membership is $25,000. You also pay $100 a month. 

But that comes with getting a share of the profits. The LA Country Club has 800 members, so that translates to a value of $20 million. 


This is one of the older courses in the US, as it has been around since 1897. The original architect was George C. Thomas, who put in a rather bunkering style for the golf course. 

However, the North Course was restored by architect Gil Hanse, along with Jim Wagner and Geoff Shackelford. The golf course they came up with leads to a style that’s visually exciting, and that will be quite evident when the course plays host to the 2023 US Open. 

It’s located in what’s certainly among the most valuable real estate in the whole world, as it’s virtually in the very heart of Beverly Hills. You can probably hit a 2-iron and the ball can end up in Saks Fifth Avenue. 


If you’re a guest here, you better double-check on the rules set on the LACC website. The member who invited you to play here as their guest will be held responsible for any mistakes you make. 

There are very long lists of rules for attire, for men, women, and children. Men will need to tuck in their collared sleeve shirts, while wearing tailored slacks. In the evening, they’re generally required to wear a jacket. 

There are rules as well for the use of smartphones and other electronic devices when you’re on the golf course or in the clubhouse. Taking photos is generally discouraged.

For more information about Los Angeles Country Club, visit their wiki official website.