Jupiter Hills Golf Club Membership Cost

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Jupiter Hills Golf Club is located at 11800 SE Hill Club Terrace, Tequesta, FL 33469, United States.

History (Year Opened)

The Jupiter Hills Golf Club was established in 1969. It was George Fazio’s best work as a golf course architect. His nephew Tom Fazio would later restore Jupiter Hills to its very first design – George Fazio retired near the location and was constantly evolving the landscape to his tastes.

But the Fazio’s aren’t the only ones to make Jupiter Hills Golf Club a reality – Bob Hope and William Ford all pitched in to the idea that the southeast region of Florida would make a good place for a golf course.

The first design choice was labelled as the Hills layout, with the remodelled Village course completed in 1978.

The Jupiter Hills Club reopened in November 2020 of last year following minor updates to the course.

Below is the latest Jupiter Hills Golf Club prices.


Membership to Jupiter Hills golf club is via invite only. The initiation cost for Jupiter Hills Golf Club sets you back $125,000 and $17,300 for annual dues. There is a 400-person limit on the membership, and while there’s no waiting list, it’s most likely about who can pay upfront first.

Green Fee (Base Fee)

There is no information available on the green fees for Jupiter Hills Golf Club.

Public or Private?

Jupiter Hills Golf Club is a private community.


The Jupiter Hills Golf Club has a 36-hole golf course.

There are locker rooms available for guests and members, and they highly encourage anyone to make use of the amenities. (On a side note, the club prohibits changing shoes from the parking lot).

Difficulty Rating

The Jupiter Hills Golf Course has a difficulty rating of 70, with a yardage of 7344. What makes the course different is the height difference – there’s a 60 feet difference from the lowest point in the course to the highest. It’s a new terrain altogether compared to Florida’s flat land surface.

Some of the most difficult holes on the course include the 8th, 9th, and 13th, and 17th. There used to be bush hazards that would present a problem if drivers pushed the balls to the wrong angle, but they’ve since been replaced with “sandscapes” that offer a wider view of the scenery and act as new challenges for golfers.

Contact Number

+1 (0) 561 746 5228