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The Olympic Club in San Francisco is old. In fact, it’s considered the oldest athletic club in the US as it was established way back in 1860. The golf courses came later, but the USG still recognizes the Olympic Club as among the first 100 golf clubs to be founded in the US. 

It’s a complete athletic club, with a fitness center along with facilities for many types of sports and gaming activities. These include a swimming along with a billiards room, and there are, of course, dining facilities as well. 

And then there are the golf courses. The Olympic Club offers a total of 45 holes for golf. The most famous of these is the Lake (or Lakeside) course, with its champions level of play. The Ocean Course offers another 18 holes. The Cliff offers just 9 holes, but then again you get fantastic views. 

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The Membership Costs

No one plays here but members, the guests of members, and everyone else slated to play in the golf tournaments hosted by the Olympic Club. It’s well-known that you have to be invited to join, with the sponsorship of at least one current member. 

The specific amount for the initiation fee isn’t known, but reports from past members indicate that it’s at least in the 5 figures. It depends on the type of membership. The annual dues can also differ depending on the membership, but it averages to about $20,000 per year. 

Tourneys Hosted

The quality of the play is terrific and challenging, especially at the Lake course. For most of its history, the Lake course truly put players to the test, with the heavily forested course and the slanted fairways. 

It was redesigned in 2009, yet it continued to test the skills of golfers to the utmost. It has been a strange tradition that in all the US Open tourneys held at the Lake, no leader after 54 holes held on to the lead to win the US Open. 

In its latest rankings, Golf Digest considers the Lake course as the 34th Greatest Golf Course in America. 

That’s not surprising considering the long list of major golf tournaments that the Olympic Club has hosted. These include: 

  • US Open. 1955, 1966, 1987, 1998, and 2012
  • US Women’s Open. 2021
  • US Amateurs. 1958, 1981, and 2007
  • US Junior Amateur. 2004 

The Olympic Club Lake course will also host the 2028 PGA Championship, along with the 2033 Ryder Cup.

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