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Palm Desert in California already boasts of quite a few golf courses, so what’s one more? At least this one’s good, as it was designed by Tom Doak. regards the Stone Eagle Golf Club golf course as 35th in its list of the Best Golf Courses in the West, while Golf Digest ranks it as 115th in its list of the Greatest Golf Courses in the US. 

Not bad for a newbie golf course that opened recently in 2005. But upon opening, Golf Digest also called it the “Best New Private Course” in 2006. 

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When the Stone Eagle Golf Club first opened, it didn’t take long for the club to hit its membership cap. This wasn’t just because the golf course itself was terrific. It was also because there were no initiation fees. That means you don’t have to enter a long-term commitment, and you can always renew your membership. 

All you have to do is to pay the annual dues. Granted, it’s not cheap at $18,000 per year. But then again, you didn’t have to pay any initiation fee and you do enjoy the fantastic amenities. 

Location and Atmosphere

The Stone Eagle Golf Club is set upon a rocky plateau. You’ll find a thousand feet above the Coachella Valley, but it sits right by the Santa Rosa Mountains. It reminded Doak of what he imagined what the planet Mars probably looked like: red, rugged, and rocky. 

Doak designed the course so that the rock formations separated the individual holes. The colors of the desert match the colors of the golf course in a way that’s artistic. Many have commented that the Stone Eagle Golf Club looks like a painting. 

The views are simply breathtaking, and its seclusion transfers you to another world. But at least you also have a fantastic view of the whole southern Coachella Valley, to remind you where you are. 

Course Difficulty

The colors, however, add an extra layer of challenge when playing the Stone Eagle Golf Club course. Visually, it’s almost intimidating. Off the tee, the rock outcroppings make the landing areas seem especially narrow. Yet when you get to the fairway landing areas, you discover that these are actually quite spacious and generous. 

The greens also have huge undulations, so you better be precise with your approach shots. If you’re not careful, you’ll need more than to putts to get the ball in the hole!

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