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Arnold Palmer, along with Ed Seay and Harrison Minchew, built the Tradition golf course in La Quinta to match the opulence of its neighbors, such as The Quarry at La Quinta and the Vintage Club Mountain golf course. 

Just about everyone agrees that they succeeded, as the nearby mountains along with the luxurious green landscaping offers an atmosphere that you won’t find in just any desert golf course. Golf Digest ranks this Tradition golf course as the 187th Greatest Golf Course in the US. 

The Tradition Golf Club is also recognized as a Platinum Club of America, which means it is one of the best country clubs in the whole US. 

Below is the latest Tradition Golf Club prices.


Your Resort Home Membership

Initiation Fee $90,000
Annual Dues $27,300
Social Membership$27,500

Country Club Info Laquinta Membership

Golf Memberships$140,000
Monthly Dues $2,916
Social Membership$35,000

Munselle Group Membership

Initiation Fee $27,500
Social Membership$670


There are conflicting reports regarding the actual fees involved in obtaining the golf membership at the Tradition Golf Club

The real estate website shows an initiation fee of $90,000 with annual dues of $27,300. The cost of the social membership is $27,500. 

According to, the golf memberships go for $140,000 with monthly dues of $2,916. The golf memberships are limited to just 220 members. However, social memberships are available for $35,000. 

The Munselle Group states that the membership initiation fee is $27,500, with social dues of $670. The social membership is limited to just 375 members. 

The good news is that, for both the golf and social memberships, the fees cover your spouse (or significant other) and any children you may have under the age of 26. 

Golf Course Features

Arnold and company built the golf course on the old Hacienda del Gato Ranch. They routed the front nine over rolling desert and even through a flood-control basin. They tucked most of the back nine at the base of the rocky Santa Rosa Mountains. 

The 15th through to the 17th holes also curve around a 90-degree bend, which many have called “Coyote Canyon”. 

Everywhere, you see the far roughs over which you see spreads of wildflower fields. Just about every hole here will feature an unforgettable distinction. Perhaps you’ll encounter a desert wash, a serpentine waste bunker, boulder landscaping, a double fairway, or even cascading waterfalls. 

The play is great, and so are your surroundings. 

Other Amenities

This offers a great clubhouse along with a fitness center for workouts and a spa for relaxation. There’s also a 9-hoel short course, also designed by Arnold Palmer. Bocce Ball is available for enthusiasts. The establishment also provides for dining and other social activities.

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