Muirfield Village Golf Club Membership Cost

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The Muirfield Village Golf Club is a very friendly golf club in Sydney, Australia, and it exudes a welcoming attitude that’s quite refreshing. Their rules and rates reflect this approachable vibe. 

Though you can be a member of the club, you don’t have to be one to play here. You don’t even have to be an invited guest. You do need to reserve your playing time, however—you can’t just walk in. 

With the memberships so popular, it’s not surprising that at this time (2021), the membership list is full. However, you can still apply to get into the waiting list. 


The Muirfield Village Golf Club was established in 1953. A lot of work was done to convert what was a goat track at the time into the current 18-course golf course that still stands today. The club’s goal is to encourage the love of golf in the community, which explains the friendly attitude and rates. 


Here are the prices you should expect:

Fees By
Affiliation, Insurance & Jnr/Course LeviesAnnual Total
Full Playing – Men
7 Day
Full Playing – Women
7 Day
Monday – Friday
Intermediate I (24-29 years)
7 Day
Intermediate II (30-35 years)
7 Day
Intermediate (18-23 years)
7 Day
Junior (13-17 years)
7 Day 
Tyro/Cadet (8-12 years)
7 Day
7 Day

You can also subscribe for a membership without any golf access, and that just costs $5 per year. 

Green Fees

Monday To Friday9 Holes18 Holes
Adult (18 years & Over)$35$50
Corporate Day$45$60
Social Clubs$40$50
Guest Of Member$22$32
Pensioner / Senior$30$45
Students $25$35
Weekend / Public Holidays9 Holes18 Holes
Adult (18 years & Over)$40$55
Corporate Day$55$65
Social Clubs*$40$55
Guest Of Member$22$32
Pensioner / Senior$35$50

Additional Rules

  • Students must be 21 years old or younger. 
  • If you’ve scheduled to play and the weather turns foul enough to prevent play, there are no refunds. 
  • If you’ve paid for 9 holes of play, you won’t be able to upgrade this to 18 holes once you’ve started. 
  • If a member invites more than 3 guests, the member must first get approval from the General Manager

For more information about Muirfield Village, visit their wiki official website.