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Located at the Pacific Palisades in California (near LA), the Riviera Country Club has long been the hangout of Hollywood bigwigs since it was first built by famous golf architect George C. Thomas, Jr., and his associate William P. Bell. 

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Membership Rates

Initiation Fees$250,000

Annual Dues

Estimated Annual Dues$25,000-$40,000

Golf Course Quality

Golf Digest rates the 7,040-yard, par 71 Riviera Country Club golf course as the 22nd greatest golf course in America today, as listed in its biennial America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses. 

The Riviera been the main host of the PGA Tour’s annual Genesis Invitational tournament, though when this tournament first started it was known as the LA Open. Over the years, it was also called the Northern Trust Open and the Nissan Open. The Riviera Country Club has hosted this tourney 57 times since 1929, and it’s played host for it every year since 1999. 

The other notable golf events that have been played here include 3 major championships. These are the 1948 US Open, and the PGA Championship in 1983 and 1995. It was also the site for the 1998 US Senior Open and the 2017 US Amateur. It’s set to host the Olympics in 2028. 

Many old-timers call the Riviera golf course “Hogan’s Alley”, after the famous film and Ben Hogan. Ben Hogan won the LA Open 3 times (and placed 2nd once) while playing here. He also won the 1948 US Open here at the Riviera. 

Membership Process and Rates

No one outside the membership is actually sure about the exact fees required for membership. However, reports have stated that the initiation fee is $250,000. Experts estimate the annual dues at a minimum of $25,000 although there have been previous reports setting it at $40,000. 

Actually, the fee requirement may be the easiest hurdle for the potential members. You can’t really be an applicant to the Riviera on your own. Even famous actors like Mark Wahlberg had to make some calls to even get considered. 

To become a member, you will have to sponsored by 2 members, and both have to be in good standing with the Riviera for at least a year. Both sponsors must also attest that they have known you for at least 3 years. 

The sponsors are thoroughly questioned about your character and personal credentials, and reportedly these sponsors must answer 5 crucial questions about you. Their answers and letters of recommendation will then be sent to the membership committee, and then they’re submitted to the board of Governors for final approval.

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