Terrific Gifts for Avid Golfers

Terrific Gifts for Avid Golfers

Do you have a friend who truly loves golf? Maybe they’re even a member of a fantastic golf club like Pebble Beach. If so, then you should make sure to send them a gift this coming holiday season that acknowledges their love for golf.

Besides, with the right gift, they might even sponsor your membership to their golf club. Here are some gift items you might want to consider:

SC200 Plus Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor

If your buddy loves state-of-the-art tech, then this is the best golfing for practice gift you can present. This is a digital caddie that gives analytic data for every shot. It gives out info regarding the shot distance you attained, your swing speed, the ball speed, and the smash factor.

Basically, it’s a sports statistician you can carry around, and the data you get helps you with your targeting. It’s easy to use as well.

Nikon Coolshot Pro II Stabilized Rangefinder

This is a great tech gift for actual use on the court. This rangefinder will give you absolutely accurate distances, and it even accounts for slopes. Plus, it also has a self-stabilizing feature that really helps when you have shaky hands. You can pick the right spot to mark, and then you can use the right club for the shot.

Rustico Refillable Leather Golf Log

Plenty of country club members are rather old, and they may not be appreciative of all these techie gifts. In that case, give them an old-school notebook which they can use to track their progress and scores. This looks truly classy, as it’s made with handcrafted leather.

It can record up to 48 rounds of 18-hole golf games, and it’s also refillable.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

These are super-popular, and Titleist even bills them as the “#1 ball in golf.” They’re also yellow, so they’re easier to track and find, and you can always say that Bubba Watson used these golf balls on tour.

And at 50 bucks, they’re not expensive.

Callaway 15-Inch Golf Ball Retriever

If your buddy already has their favorite golf balls, then get them this ball retriever so they won’t lose their golf balls easily. Sometimes you can get golf balls into ponds and complicated landscaping, and this ball retriever helps you to get your golf ball back.


Most country club and golf members have families, and this golf version of Monopoly is a fun way to get the next generation interested in golf. Instead of houses and hotels, with Golf-Opoly you have Pro Shops and Clubhouses, and the Storm Shelter is the equivalent of Jail.

And it’s not expensive as well, as the board game costs only $25.

VICTORINOX Swiss Army Golf Tool Pocket Knife

There’s actually a Swiss Army knife that features tools with functions to help with your golf game. Sure, it also has the usual blade, scissors, and bottle opener. But it also has a tee punch, a groove cleaner, and a ball marker.

Hopefully, your buddy becomes so grateful for the gift they sponsor your country club membership application!

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