The Best Golf Shoes to Take Your Game to the Next Level

The Best Golf Shoes to Take Your Game to the Next Level

If you’ve ever watched top PGA Tour players, you’ll notice the importance of footwork in their swings. Take Scottie Scheffler, the current world No. 1 player, for example. While it may appear that he has some sloppy footwork, the reality is quite different.

In slow motion, you can observe how Scheffler powerfully shifts his weight from his trail foot to his lead foot during the downswing. This weight transfer is crucial for generating power and torque in the swing. And here’s where golf shoes come into play—they play a significant role in keeping the golfer stable and balanced throughout the swing.

Even if you don’t possess footwork like Scottie Scheffler, support and traction are still vital for any golfer. The feet play a crucial role in creating torque and leverage, and without a firm foundation, executing a proper golf swing becomes challenging.

So, let’s delve into why we believe golf shoes are a must-have for anyone looking to improve their golf game. We’ll also explore the differences between golf shoes and traditional athletic or running shoes.

Turf Traction

Golf shoes offer superior turf traction compared to trail runners or running shoes. While running shoes provide adequate traction for surfaces like dirt trails or concrete paths, golf shoes are specifically designed to securely grip the ground throughout the swing. Whether through removable spikes or built-in sole patterns, golf shoe traction helps you maintain stability and balance.


Golf shoes are typically more rigid than other athletic shoes, allowing for added torque and power in the golf swing. For instance, some golf shoe manufacturers separate the rearfoot and forefront sections of the shoe and bridge the divide with firm arch support. This design feature aids weight transfer and facilitates a smooth transition from the trail forefoot to the lead rearfoot during the downswing.

Lateral Support

These shoes provide excellent lateral support, which is crucial for maintaining balance throughout the swing. Unlike running shoes that prioritize toe-to-heel support, golf shoes feature wider soles that enhance stability during lateral movements. Additionally, golf shoes usually have less toe drop, meaning they sit flatter on the ground, promoting balance and a solid foundation.

That said, here are our recommendations for the best golf shoes in 2023:

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next% Golf Shoes

  • Classic and sneaker-style blend
  • Nike’s Air Zoom technology for stability and comfort
  • Integrated spikes and React foam
  • Versatile and suitable for different outfits

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next% Golf Shoes offer exceptional comfort, stability, and a versatile design that pairs well with various outfits. Whether you’re walking or riding, these shoes deliver the support you need to enhance your game.

Adidas Codechaos 22 Boost Golf Shoes

  • Available in various cool colorways
  • Comfortable fit out of the box
  • Blends classic golf shoe design cues with modern technology
  • Provides excellent grip and style

The Adidas Codechaos 22 Boost Golf Shoes offer a wide range of color options and deliver a comfortable fit right out of the box. With their blend of classic and modern design, these shoes offer excellent grip and style for a confident performance.

Footjoy Premiere Series – Field Spikeless

  • Timeless styling with a classic aesthetic
  • Waterproof leather upper
  • 360-degree spikeless traction
  • Combines functionality and traditional appeal

This pair of shoes is great for those who appreciate classic styling and want a shoe that combines functionality with a traditional look. The waterproof leather upper and spikeless traction provides a classic aesthetic without compromising on performance. These shoes are perfect for those who seek a timeless appeal on the golf course.

G/Fore Debossed Skull & T’s Gallivanter Golf Shoe

  • Premium waterproof leather construction
  • Antimicrobial massaging insole
  • Offers a modern edge with unique design elements
  • Comfortable and stylish with respect for golf’s traditions

The G/Fore Debossed Skull & T’s Gallivanter Golf Shoe features a unique design with debossed skulls and crossbones, offering a touch of modern edge. Made with waterproof leather and an antimicrobial insole, these shoes provide luxurious comfort and a bold look on the course.

Puma Proadapt Delta Golf Shoes

  • Eye-catching all-white design
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Full-length Puma Proadapt outsole for traction
  • Provides a stylish look on the course

The Puma Proadapt Delta Golf Shoes offer a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring stability during swings. With their eye-catching design and full-length traction outsole, these shoes provide both performance and a fashionable look on the course.

If you need golf shoes for playing golf at Bel Air Country Club, consider factors such as spiked vs. spikeless, waterproofing, fit, and styling when choosing the right golf shoes for your needs. These top golf shoes offer a combination of performance, comfort, and style, helping you elevate your game on the course.

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