The Greatest Golf Shoes of 2022

The Greatest Golf Shoes of 2022

If you’re playing a sport, then chances are likely you’ll need the right shoes for that sport. That goes true for golf as well. The good news is that there are plenty of great gold shoes around these days, and you might find the terrific pair of shoes sporting the ideal set of features for your needs. And you won’t even have to pay as much for those shoes compared to the costs of the clubs (or the membership for your local country club).

If you’re on the lookout for some good golf shoes right now, then consider the following fantastic pairs:

Ecco Biom C4

This pair of golf shoes is so good that many consider them just about the greatest golf shoes ever. Even those who have been plying golf for decades and have tried many pairs of golf shoes over the years say that these golf shoes are just absolutely fantastic.

Play plenty of rounds of golf with these shoes, and your feet will thank you for your choice. They offer terrific stability and plenty of cushioning for comfort. The yak leather up is super comfy as well, and it’s waterproof too.

Squairz Speed Golf Shoes

It’s true that the distance claims for these shoes can be somewhat exaggerated, but then again, these shoes are truly the most stable golf shoes you’ll ever try. If you’re having any trouble keeping your footing when you’re trying to make a huge swing, then these shoes will certainly help. The traction these shoes offer is just outstanding.

TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport

The problem with golf shoes with spikes is that they’re not exactly allowed in plenty of places outside the golf course. Spikeless shoes are becoming more popular these days, because you won’t have to remove your shoes once you get to the country club after playing a round of golf. These are versatile shoes that you can wear anywhere.

You can say the same for the TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport. You don’t even have to really worry about the traction, which is the traditional weakness of spikeless golf shoes. The traction you get with these shoes are just great, and you can prove that with even half a dozen rounds of golf.

And then you can also enjoy the classic benefits of hybrid shoes without the drawbacks. These shoes are very comfortable to go with that great stability. The mesh upper is especially comfy, and yet it’s also waterproof.

FootJoy Men’s DryJoys Premiere Series Packard Golf Shoes

If you’re a traditionalist who wants real golf shoes, then get these Dryjoys. It offers low-profile spikes for traction, and they’re specifically arranged against swing forces that can come from any direction. You’re basically getting 360 degrees of traction, and you can play any lie with complete stability.

But you’re also getting premium full-grain leather, a performance outsole, a super-comfortable fit, and even great aesthetics.

This is the golf shoes you want when you’re playing at Pebble Beach. In fact, it might just feel you’re playing at Pebble Beach even when you’re playing at the public golf courses—this pair is just that good.

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