Best Golf Shoes for 2022

Best Golf Shoes for 2022

One thing about golf is that you’ll need to spend a lot on equipment. That also means buying good golf shoes.

The good news is that with this list of the best golf shoes right now, you can be sure you’re getting full value for your money!

UnderArmour HOVR Drive 2

This is a pair of spiked shoes, and the spikes are made from specially crafted foam. It’s not metal, so you can use it for places such as the Tradition Golf Club, where metal spikes aren’t allowed.

This does take a while to break in, but after that, you’re truly good to go. It offers fantastic stability and traction, so you’re all set even when you swing aggressively.

It features a waterproof membrane, but the waterproofing doesn’t interfere with the excellent breathability. It’s extremely comfortable to wear for 18 long holes of golf.

Skechers GO GOLF Drive 5

If you’d rather go spikeless, then this is the best pair you can get. It’s terrific for both on-golf and off-golf use. When you’re playing golf with it, you still get a remarkable grip even with its spikeless nature. It’s also waterproof, so go ahead and play in the rain if you want.

What really sets this Skechers pair of golf shoes apart is that it’s extremely comfortable. It’s almost like slipping your feet into cushy slippers. Most of this is because of the superb Arch Fit insole system, which offers fantastic comfort for long periods of time. It feels especially nice around the padded heel section.

It does look pretty basic though. But then again, golf isn’t really a fashion show, is it?

Adidas Tour360 22

This is a bit more expensive at $220, but then again, many consider this as the best golf shoes in the industry right now. It offers several cool colorways, fantastic stability, and extremely comfortable interior padding. It sure hits all the right marks on your checklist.

The outside of these shoes features leather and some other waterproof materials, so you get a terrific combination of waterproofing, durability, and easy cleaning.

You get exceptional stability with the wide base, and you get a very firm connection to the ground. You’ll feel this immediately, and you’ll be confident enough for aggressive swings.

The shoes have a built-in sock liner for additional padding, so your feet don’t move around inside the shoes. That’s very comfortable when you have to walk the whole golf course.

The spikes aren’t replaceable, though. And you’ll need the right socks for the shoes, or else the mid-top ankle can cause blisters.

Adidas CodeChaos

These shoes came out a few years ago and revolutionized how golf shoes can actually look good. The bright designs dispelled the notion that golf shoes have to look boring.

It offers a lightweight feel as well, as the upper is made from flexible, breathable mesh. It does have a thin layer of waterproof material on top, so the shoes repel water and also easy to clean.

The Adidas Boost cushioning runs across the midsole, and boosts your comfort level. It even adds a nice spring to each step.

Here are some other fantastic golf shoes you might want to check out!

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