Los Angeles Country Club to Host the US Open

Los Angeles Country Club to Host the US Open

The Los Angeles Country Club, renowned for its exclusivity, is preparing to break its tradition of secrecy as it opens its doors to host the prestigious US Open.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, this mysterious golf club has captivated the imaginations of many, with reports of exorbitant joining fees and the denial of entry to notable celebrities like Bing Crosby, Groucho Marx, and Hugh Hefner.

However, as the US Open descends upon its legendary grounds, the club is poised to shed its enigmatic reputation and welcome a curious public and media.

A Historic Return

The Los Angeles Country Club is set to mark a significant milestone with the US Open, as it becomes the first individual event to be hosted at the club since 1940. While the club previously hosted the Walker Cup in 2017, this upcoming tournament will truly unveil the club’s allure to the world, drawing attention to its storied past and exclusive nature.

Location, Location, Location

With approximately 300 acres of prime Beverly Hills real estate, the Los Angeles Country Club offers panoramic views of the city’s iconic skyline. While the club’s exclusivity prevents stars from playing on its pristine golf course, it finds itself surrounded by celebrity neighbors, including Lionel Richie’s mansion.

Moreover, the adjacent presence of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion and his personal zoo, purportedly built as revenge for his denied membership, adds an intriguing element to the club’s ambiance.

Echoes of Hugh Hefner’s exotic menagerie still reverberate through the Los Angeles Country Club today. Golfers frequently find themselves serenaded by the calls of monkeys, parrots, and peacocks that roam the club’s tranquil backdrop.

Strict Rules and Etiquette

The Los Angeles Country Club’s mysterious allure is maintained by its stringent rules and strict dress code:

  • Men are required to wear jackets after 6 p.m. in most areas of the clubhouse, and denim is strictly prohibited.
  • Men’s shirts must have sleeves, collars, and be neatly tucked in, while women’s skirts must adhere to a specific length restriction.
  • Cell phones are strictly forbidden within the clubhouse, with designated areas provided for phone calls.

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