Liven Up Your Social Scene with These Country Club Event Ideas

It used to be that country clubs offer exclusivity and not everyone could be a member. But memberships have dropped since the early 2000s. And if you want your club to continue thriving, you need to consider livening up your social scene by hosting more events.

Finding event ideas that’ll excite and entice potential members is a must if you want to increase your membership numbers. By hosting events that will give people a sneak peek of what your club has to offer them, you are likely to get more people to sign up for a membership. Moreover, hosting events and offering current members more amenities and activities that their whole family can enjoy will ensure that they’ll stay loyal to your club. And if these aren’t enough to convince you that you need to introduce more events to your country club, remember that by hosting creative events you are in effect increasing the number of venue bookings you get – such as a wedding or a charity which translates to higher revenue.

Consider the following ideas that are designed to appeal to people of all ages:

1. Burgers and Beers Night

If you have local breweries you can invite them for an evening of sampling where they can showcase their craft beers and increase awareness for their brand. You can do the same thing with farm-to-table beef suppliers in your area. Doing this boosts community relationships, fosters relationships with members while helping small businesses.

2. Sunset Wine and Dine

After an afternoon of golfing, members would probably be hungry and want to relax. You can take this opportunity to invite members for some wine and appetizers, and invite a local musician or band to play for a few hours.

3. Poolside Luau

If the weather permits, you can organize an evening poolside luau for members and their families. Be sure to tell everyone to dress up in Hawaiian attire and decorate the venue with flowers and tiki torches. Give guests leis when they arrive.  If you can find a musician that plays a ukulele then all the better. Have BBQ and serve some ice cold drinks/shave ice.

4. Movie Night

Make it a fun movie night for everyone – young and old. Rent a huge outdoor movie screen and pick a movie that both kids and adults can enjoy watching. You should also have a popcorn machine and maybe a drinks dispenser to give an authentic moviehouse experience.

5. Junior Chef Cooking Class

Set up cooking stations and invite kids 6 to 12 years old. Your chef and kitchen staff will then teach cooking lessons and end the program with a cooking competition.

6. 4th of July Celebration

Start the day with a morning golf tournament, followed by a parade and then organize a party complete with face painting, airbrush tattoos and snow cones. You may want to include a buffet lunch followed by a pool party complete with an ice cream booth. You can also set up a big tent in the evening where members and families can participate in games such as watermelon eating contents, pool games, face painting and others. Be sure to end the celebration with a fireworks display on the golf course.

Hosting events at your country club will not only increase member engagement but also lead to a rise in memberships. Planning and organizing can be a challenge but the results are well worth the effort!

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