Helpful Tips on How to Get Invited to a Fancy Golf Club

Helpful Tips on How to Get Invited to a Fancy Golf Club

Living in California, right near a fantastic golf club like the Cypress Point Club, can be terribly frustrating when you’re not a member. The best you can hope for is to get yourself an invite, and not everyone get’s lucky to get one.

Now you might even consider sneaking on the gold course, but this is absolutely not a good idea. Security is tight in many of these places, and chances are you’ll end up arrested. Then you’ll be forever banned from the place.

Even if, somehow, you’re able to sneak inside, this might only be possible after sunset, and playing golf in the dark isn’t all that fun.

Still, here are some ways that can get you a round of golf in that fancy gold course:

Make Friends with the Right People

This is perhaps the most common way of securing an invitation to a great golf and country club course. After all, if you guys are really friends, then you can always accompany your buddy when they’re playing at their golf country club.

If you don’t know a member there at the club, then you might just have to be nice all the time so you can make friends everywhere. After all, you just don’t know the new people you’re meeting, and if you’re nice to them, then they might just invite you to play golf with them.

Conversely, being a jerk can be a risky proposition. That might just get you blacklisted from the club instead.

Try to Join the Club Directly

You can get the golf club’s website and make your inquiries. Of course, it’s always possible that you can finagle a complimentary round of golf as part of the application. This is a reasonable request, since you should know about the quality of the golf course before you actually pay the exorbitant membership fees.

You do have to be serious about your application, though. If the membership committee even thinks that you’re just in it for the complimentary golf round, then you might just be blacklisted permanently instead. You should actually have the means to afford the membership dues. You can also demonstrate your love of the course by sending a heartfelt email to the membership committee.

Of course, it would really help your application if you already have some friends among the members. Some country clubs even require letters of recommendation from other members before you can even apply.

Try Some Charity Events

Some private golf courses hold charity events and fundraisers that involve playing golf on their course. So, you should do some research on the private golf courses near you and see if they’re holding a charity event that involves playing golf. That way, you can enjoy a round of golf while your money goes to a good cause. And this might also enhance your chances of being a member.

See if they’re also holding local tournaments that involve the public as well. You might have to pay to enter, but if the golf course is really that good, then it’s all worth it!

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