What You Should Know Before Bringing Your Dog to a Golf Course

Since 2002, there’s been a significant rise in the popularity of pets and revenue of pet-related products has reached $109.6b in 2021. Golf courses and country clubs across the country have seen a decline in memberships, which is probably why many country clubs have become dog-friendly.

If you’re planning to bring your dog with you in an afternoon at the golf course, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Your dog should be kept leased at all times.

Even if your dog is very friendly, there are still people who aren’t charmed by dogs or are even afraid of them. Be considerate. You don’t want your pet to run up to these people all of a sudden while they’re playing golf.

2. Clean up after your pet.

Even though a golf course is typically surrounded by nature, you still need to clean up after your pet. You wouldn’t want yourself or anyone else to step on dog poop while looking for their ball.

3. Keep your dog hydrated.

This is especially crucial if it’s a hot day. Dogs’ body temperature can go up real quick and this can be dangerous for them. On a related note, keep them in the shade for most of the time.

4. Make sure your dog is well-fed.

A hungry dog can be easily agitated and may bark at anything they see. Be sure to bring some doggy snacks and treats to keep your pet in their best behavior.

Dog Friendly Golf Courses in The U.S.

Not all golf courses allow pets inside. If you’re planning to bring your furry friend along, check this list to see if there’s a pet-friendly golf course near you:

1. Belgrade Lakes Golf Club

Situated in the picturesque hills of central Maine, Belgrade Lakes Golf Club boasts of holes naturally settling into the surrounding hills and forest. It features gorgeous lakes and white sands, and on the hilltop greens you get breath-taking views of the countryside. Belgrade Lakes is probably the best dog-friendly golf club in the country and it doesn’t even require leashes for dogs as long as they are well-trained and obedient.

2. Discovery Bay Golf Course

Discovery Bay is a century-old golf course in Port Townsend, WA a picturesque coastal location in the Pacific Northwest. It boasts of panoramic mountain views and the Discovery Bay shines below the beautiful golf course.

It also has a covered driving range, some walking trails which is perfect for non-golfers and also a great spot for you and your dog to take long enjoyable walks after a game. Discovery Bay has an elevated wooden tee box that has been preserved and converted into the teeing ground for the 2nd hole.

3. True Blue Golf Club

True Blue Golf Club is situated close to Myrtle Beach and has been featured on Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Courses.” It’s a wonderful golf course for anyone going to Myrtle Beach and looking for a pet-friendly course.

There are many water hazards so you might want to bring a lot of golf balls. The design of True Blue mimics the best features of Pinehurst #2 and Pine Valley, and guarantees a challenging but fun and fair game.

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