Underrated Golf Courses in the World That Are Worth Your Time

Underrated Golf Courses in the World That Are Worth Your Time

If you’re even a casual golf fan, then you may have already heard of such famous golf courses as Pine Valley, Cypress Point, and Augusta National.

But there are plenty of great golf courses scattered all around the globe that offers terrific rounds, yet they’re not quite as famous yet. You can beat the crowds now and reserve some time in these courses, as eventually these will be packed with lots of players.

Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort and Spa in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka isn’t one of the first countries you think about when the topic of terrific golf courses in the world ever comes up. But in 2016, Shangri-La launched the Hambantota Resort and Spa which featured a par-70 course designed by Rodney Wright. Wright turned a former sapphire mine into a fantastic golf course with unique bunker and water features, wide fairways, and clear ocean views.

There’s plenty of vegetation along the course, and the designers took eco-friendliness into consideration. The course uses an irrigation system that collects and recycles rainwater, while they also use degradable organic balls (they’re even filled with fish feed) at the driving range.

Park Hyatt St Kitts

This is a beach paradise, with lots of opportunities for yachting, fishing, diving, and snorkeling. And there’s also the golf course designed by the legendary Tom Fazio. Now you can play on a Tom Fazio course (like Oak Hill, Inverness, Butler National, and Jupiter Hills), except that this time you’re playing right by the deep blue sea.

Old Works Golf Club in Montana

Jack Nicklaus turned this former copper mine in Anaconda into one of his signature courses, and he even incorporated plenty of mining elements into the course. They framed the bunkers using black slag (the byproduct of copper smelting) and smelter oven remains.

The course is actually quite affordable, but that might change once this place becomes a lot more famous.

Furnace Creek Resort in California

The golf course at the Furnace Creek Resort in California is set at the lowest altitude of any golf course in the entire world. It’s located at 214 feet below sea level, and it’s in the middle of Death Valley.

Designed by the famed golf architect Pete Dye, this course offers fairly challenging holes, and the low altitude can affect the game play. And the views of the majestic mountain ranges in the backdrop sure are awesome.

Redlands Mesa Golf Club in Colorado

If you’re ever in Grand Junction, you really should check out this particular golf course. The natural grandeur of your surroundings offers a great combination with the unique holes. The gold course designers transformed a third of 500 acres of the Redlands Mesa to include a course with 11 elevated tees along with 41 distinct bunkers.

With the rock formations of Colorado National Monument as your backdrop, it’s a breathtaking sight that elevates your sense of exhilaration.

So, why opt for too-popular golf courses that might have long waiting lists? Try these underrated golf courses instead!

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