Tiger Woods’ Injury-Induced Hiatus Not a Detriment to PGA Tour

Tiger Woods is coming back strong after a successful recovery from injuries he sustained last year. He suffered from fractures of the tibia and the fibula, but has made great strides health-wise, but fans think the champ is now ready to take on the PGA. 

The accident occurred on the road along Hawthorne Boulevard in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Upon arrival at the hospital, the medical workers assessed Woods, while the Sheriff asked if he had a recollection of the crash, to which Woods said no. 

Wood sustained multiple injuries, including compound fractures and complete fractures on his legs. None of his injuries were severely life-threatening, according to the people involved with the surgery.

However, some surgeons have pointed out that Wood’s fracture will affect him long term. The champ broke his talus bone, the only bone in the foot to not have a rich blood supply. As medical professionals point out, this bone will take some time to heal, affecting Wood’s ability to shift his weight on that foot. 

Woods underwent an intensive physical rehab to get him back in swinging shape, while fans worried that the 15-time championship winner may not get back to playing. 

Woods had to endure physical rehabilitation with his legs weighing heavier due to the screws and pins that help stabilize the fractured bones. Surgeons had to align a metal rod to connect the pieces of Wood’s tibia together to facilitate recovery.

When asked about his experience with physical rehabilitation, Tiger Woods responded by saying there were long days. Wood says he got by during these tough times by doing what his father told him – going through things a step at a time.

This is not the first time Woods has been injured, and he almost always comes back stronger. But his statements from last year indicate he might not be as positive, however, his fans have high hopes for his return.

But the mood changed for the golf fans when a picture surfaced online showing Woods smiling next to someone else (face censored), and most of the fanbase agree that he’s packed on some muscle – not surprising, because Ryders Cup members last year told the media that Wood’s rehabilitation was focused on him getting back asap, in time for the PGA tour.

The picture was from Pop Stroke, a restaurant and course designed by Woods himself. Despite the many supportive comments from golf fans, the champion told 

Golf Digest that he would only be able to compete in the PGA on a part-time basis. He says something along the lines of “pick and choose” and Woods has stated that he’ll be playing around certain games, but he won’t be committing to all events for a whole year.

Woods plans to compete at the Open Championship by December later this year, partly because St. Andrews is his “favorite golf course in the world.” St. Andrews was where Woods won the Claret Jug twice, with. 

But before he grabs his potential third win at St. Andrews, the champion is going back to Riviera this week – his first game since the crash that changed his life.

Just northeast of the Riviera Country Club is Bel Air Country Club, where Tiger Wood first met and impressed Jack Nicklaus with his skills.

While all is well and good, with the rehabilitation successfully putting him back in public eyes, Tiger Woods is hosting an event just like what he was supposed to do a year ago prior to the accident. 

The Genesis Invitational will start February 17 at the Riviera Country Club, with tee times for the competitors starting past midday.

Tiger Woods missed the Genesis Invitationals last year, due to a back surgery. His camp announced that this was the champion’s fifth microdiscectomy, a procedure the champion needed to undergo since the PNC Championships. 

Woods was experiencing major discomfort during the PNC due to the pressurized disc, but he still kept cool while he was with Charlie.

Attendees of the Genesis Invitational will see players such as Ethan Mangum and Michael Brennan, the latter securing his spot by finishing with a five-under-par 66 at Riviera Country Club.

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