Basic Golf Lessons for Beginners

Basic Golf Lessons for Beginners

When you’re new to the sport then there’s a very good chance you don’t know much about golf. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you don’t know much about golf, it means you don’t have bad habits to correct and you’re eager to learn. So here are some things you need to do next time you play at the Stone Eagle Golf Club.

First, take golf lessons.

Whether you’re a member of a country club LIKE ___ or you go to a public course, there are golf pros you can hire to teach you how to play and improve your game. Sign up for one because it’s one of the best investments you can make if you’re serious about golf.

Next, have a routine.

At the driving range, resist the urge to immediately start pounding your drivers. Swinging for maximum distance will ruin your momentum. Begin by hitting one of your short irons or wedges, do half-swings to warm up your muscles. Then increase the speed and length of your swings, and use your middle irons. Proceed to use your driver, and after hitting a few balls revert to your wedge or short iron. Having a routine will keep your tension level and tempo in check.

Master the short shots.

Because the reality is that 50% of your strokes will be within 50 yards of the green. It may seem like a boring endeavor but spend half your time mastering your putter and wedges. You don’t have to do it in the range or on the course. You can do this in your yard, in your living room or even your bedroom if you have some space.

Don’t over-complicate things.

Sometimes one can surmise that golf is a mind game. There’s so much information out there, the instruction is nothing short of overwhelming and you end up thinking too much. When you’re new and you find yourself getting burned out from all that analysis paralysis, go back to basics.

Get a mentor.

As mentioned at the start of this article, you need someone who can help you amp up your golf skills. But you can’t just pick any pro. A good fit is important too so if you’re laidback, find someone who has a similar personality. If you’re a creative type, choose someone who teaches using images and feels. By choosing the right instructor, you’ll have a much easier time improving your game.

There are certain fundamentals in golf that you have to stick with:

  • Hit a driver off the tee confidently.
  • Hit an iron to get out of a bunker.
  • Learn short shots around the green.
  • Be able to think and make decisions quickly

But aside from these, you also need to know a few other things. For example, you need to know when to pitch and when to chip. A pitch flies higher while a chip shot stays low. You should be able to decide which is the most appropriate in any given situation. Additionally, while golf is a mental sport, you also need physical strength since you need to be able to make a powerful and accurate swing to land the farthest distance. You will learn all these things with constant practice but being aware of these fundamentals can definitely shorten your learning curve.

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