A Quick Guide to Joining a Private Golf Club

If there are several private golf clubs near you, you’ve probably been wondering how you can become a member. Here are some tips on how to join a private golf club. Take note however that clubs may have their own specific requirements, and some like the, Augusta National, are very exclusive. Take this article merely as a general guideline.

1. Get in touch with a member.

Before you can apply, clubs may require a reference from a member. The ideal scenario is for a member to invite you to join their club. But this is often not the case. What you can do is to talk to a relative, friend or an acquaintance who happens to be a member of the club you’re interested in and ask if they can get you in.

If you don’t know of anyone who is a member, you can try your luck with the club itself. Ask if their leadership can put you in touch with a member who can be your sponsor. This route does not always work though since the most exclusive clubs don’t allow it.

2. Take a tour of the club.

A quick Google search may give you some information about the club you’re interested in but nothing compares to actually going to the club touring the facility. If someone can sponsor your application, they can arrange to bring you there as a guest before you make a decision to join.

If you don’t know of anyone who is a member, you can still try and call the club to see if they will allow a tour.

2. Know the costs/fees.

County club fees can range from reasonable to exorbitant – it depends on the club’s amenities, clientele, location and reputation. It’s important to know how much it will cost to become a member and if there are any other fees such as annual dues, before you apply. It would be pointless to send your application of the cost of membership is too steep for you.

Cost of membership will usually include the following:

Initiation fee – This is a one-time cost and some clubs may offer equity (more expensive) and non-equity memberships.  Initiation fees range from a few thousand to millions of dollars.

  • Annual dues – There’s an annual fee to be paid in order to keep your membership.
  • Assessment – Assessments help fund projects or expenses for the club.
  • Food and drink fees – Although not all, there are clubs that charge a monthly fee for food and beverages.
  • Other fees – You can get access to locker rooms and golf carts for an additional cost. Some clubs also charge an application fee.

4. Submit your application.

You’ll need to do some paperwork. Most clubs these days would send you a link online where you can fill out a form but the forms are usually comprehensive and will ask you for a lot of details. You need to fill it out completely and don’t fabricate any information you share.

5. Provide documents if needed.

There are clubs for a particular demographic and they want to make sure all members fit into this group. You may need to send in some documentation to back up any claims you’ve made in your application form such as references to organizations, proof of donation to charities, proof of higher education and so on. Background checks may also be done.

Once you’ve sent in your application and accompanying documents, the only thing that’s left to do is wait. It’s also important to remember that the exclusive clubs often have a wait list so it may take some time (sometimes years) before you’ll hear from them. Others only take a few days or weeks.

How To Join a Golf Club

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