Can You Still Learn Golf at 50?

Can You Still Learn Golf at 50?

I started playing golf 5 years ago, on my 45th birthday. My wife took me to Desert Highlands as a surprise and I got hooked on the sport since then. A lot of people I’ve meet at the range and on the course started playing since they were 10 or 20. And while it would have been nice to have started early, I must say, I’m pretty good at golf and do enjoy playing it on weekends and sometimes on weekdays.

So if you’re here to ask me, “Can I still learn to play golf in my 50s and 60s?” The resounding answer is YES!

Golf is Great for Older People

Quality time with family and friends is hard to come by nowadays but you can make it possible with golf. Spending a few hours on the green or in the range playing a game you enjoy with people you enjoy hanging out with is a win-win. Plus, you get some exercise in a safe way!

1. Golf is a social sport.

A round of golf with your circle of friends or with family is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But that’s not all – you can have lunch or coffee with your colleagues, client or your boss before your game. And then after your game, you can grab a beer or two to cool off.

2. You get a low intensity workout that burns a lot of calories.

Did you know you can burn over a thousand calories in an 18-hole game? You walk good few miles plus you also have to burn calories swinging your clubs.

3. You get some “me-time” on weekends.

Usually on weekdays the golf club like ___ is like a ghost town and it’s quiet and serene – the perfect time to enjoy a game and do some thinking.

4. Golf is progressive.

When it comes to golf, if you put in more time to practice, you become better at your game. This means that as you improve you will see yourself setting even bigger goals. Plus, you work at your own pace so it’s OK to be slow as long as you aim to get better every time.

5. Many players are beginners.

Sports like basketball, swimming and even bowling can be intimidating for newbies. Everyone will know if you’re new and they’re going to keep an eye on you. But with golf, people are used to seeing first timers. Relax – it’s really not about winning, but rather, about enjoying the game.

6. It’s a lifestyle.

One of the best things about golf is that you can practice at home (in your yard), in the office, in the driving range or on the course. You can practice 15-30 minutes a day and still know that by doing so you will get better. And no matter how old you are, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t play or get better at golf. Consistency is key – that’s all there is to it.

If you’re in your 50s or 60s and you want to learn to play golf, get started now. Don’t wait for the right time or the right place. If there’s a driving range near you, find a golf pro who can teach you the basics and take it from there.

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